Determine Proper Ejection Method for Injection Mold Design

Injection mold design includes design of the optimum ejection system to meet part specification.  While ejector pins are most commonly used, there are other methods of ejection systems that are required in specific situations.

Ejector pins are round, and used to extend into the cavity to push the part out during mold opening so that the parts fall out or are pulled out by a robot.  Pins are adequate in most situations, although some part designs require pins along with an alternative method, or a different method altogether.


Ejector blades can also be used for ejection if the part design requires it, and these have more of a rectangular geometry.  Ejector blades are often used in designs where a thin wall exists, thus an ejector pin may damage the part with force or pressure applied in a critical area.


Ejection sleeves are tubular, and are ideal in areas of raised surfaces.  These raised surfaces are designed to assist with assembly in some designs, for example a raised hole at the end of a vertical part would be referred to as a boss.  Ejection sleeves provide 360° surface around the boss for easy part ejection with these types of part designs.


A stripper plate is another type of ejection system that consists of an entirely separate moving plate, that is designed to strip the part or parts from the core of the mold.  These are ideal in situations where you need to keep parts and runners separate, and are utilized in three-plate tool.  


Michiana Global Mold is a leading global injection mold design and construction company, with extensive experience in all types of ejection systems.  Our skilled mold designers and journeyman mold makers have extensive knowledge and experience with various types of mold construction.  We construct prototype molds with sample parts, cold runner or hot runner tools, shuttle molds, insert cavities and all aspects of injection mold design including engineering changes.


Michiana Global Mold was established in Indiana in 1964, serving various industries and specializing in complex, precision tools for the Automotive industry.  We offer a partner company in China with offshore mold making capabilities.  Both facilities are registered to ISO 9001 and follow strict quality management systems.  Contact us today for a FREE design consultation and to speak with a skilled design engineer.  


Molded Part Surface Finish and Ejection Methods

Injection mold designers must always take into consideration the surface finish required of the finished molded part.  The ejection system in the mold that removes the solidified parts out of the mold cavity or cavities has great impact on the part’s surface finish.  The most common ejection system uses ejector pins which can leave marks on the part, often referred to as witness lines.  


An experienced mold designer will position ejector pins in order to place witness lines in an area acceptable to the part print.  The ejection system and ejector pins are housed in the B side of the mold, extending into the cavity during ejection then retracting back into the mold.   Restrictions on ejection must be apparent prior to mold design, if ejector pins cannot be used without damaging the part, lifters can be utilized for proper ejection.  


The injection mold design must correspond to the ejection pattern and stroke of the press.  Michiana Global Mold is an experienced injection mold maker with in-depth knowledge of designing various ejection systems to meet customer specifications.  We use CAD/CAM Unigraphics software to design and develop a layout for the ejection system prior to cutting steel.   


In some cases, ejection systems must be designed around robotic arms that reach into grab the parts upon ejection.  These robotic systems are called ‘sprue pickers’, as sprue is another term for the runner that is also ejected with the part.  Some ejection systems automatically separate parts and runners, so that they do not need to be separated later.  


Whatever your part design, surface finish, or ejection system is required, Michiana Global Mold will design and construct a superior mold with flawless ejection for the specified part surface finish.  We are an ISO registered mold making company with an offshore mold making partner in China.  Contact us today for a FREE design consultation and to speak with a skilled mold engineer.

What are the Differences of ISO 9001:2015 and 9001:2008

ISO 9001 is a set of internationally recognized standards that provides a uniform way of measuring a company’s internal quality systems.  ISO was first introduced in 1987, and is administered by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) headquartered in Geneva, Switzerland.  

The latest version of ISO9001:2015 is replacing the prior version from 2008, as a new standard is introduced about every seven years.  When first introduced in 1987, the standards focused on documentation, saying what you do, and how you do it.  Defining job descriptions, work instructions, and quality checks and balances was a big part of the initial introduction of ISO standards.  

The updated version that came next in 1994 enhanced upon “say what you do”, and added “say what you do, and do what you say” (and prove it).   Further documentation was required to show that you are actually doing what you say you are doing.  Internal audits are emphasized with honest findings, and corrective actions.  

The ISO updates in 2000 turned focus to “continual improvement” and “customer satisfaction”.  Continual improvement projects must be identified, and customer satisfaction must be measured.   The ISO9001:2008 version went into greater depth of all prior versions, emphasizing processes, process owners, measurable goals and how they impact continual improvement and total customer satisfaction.  

With the most recent updates of ISO9001:2015, there is even greater emphasis on business management and leadership, and top-down management involvement.  Each employee should be aware of the organization’s mission statement, quality policy, and what their role is in achieving these goals.  Top management should be involved with communicating the quality management system, and the importance of each employee’s role to the organization.

ISO9001:2015 puts more emphasis on risk based thinking, and having contingency plans in place.  The bottom line is that businesses that adhere to an ISO compliant quality system are poised for the future, with quality systems in place that focus on total customer satisfaction.

Total customer satisfaction reaps many benefits in customer retention, increased volume of business, and new business referrals.  The efficiencies recognized when implementing ISO leads to cost-efficient improvements, thus saving time and money.  

Michiana Global Mold is a superior plastic injection mold designer registered to ISO9001:2015 in the United States, and ISO9001:2008 in China.  We offer offshore mold making options, rebate programs and high-volume discounts.  Contact us today for a FREE injection mold design consultation.  

Precision Molds for Complex Part Designs

Injection mold designers must use careful consideration when designing a mold for a complex part design.   Intricate plastic injection molded parts may contain several critical areas that must be carefully designed to meet part specifications.  Parts that contain a very thin wall, for example, would be a critical fill area.  It takes expertise in mold design to fill a part completely without any overfill or underfill while still maintaining the integrity of such a thin critical dimension.

Critical areas should be identified on the part print, and throughout the entire mold design phase.  Sophisticated CAD/CAM software is used to develop a viable tool design given all part design specifications and other exterior design considerations such as the specified material and press size.  With a superior design software program like Unigraphics or SolidWorks, mold designers can develop the entire mold construction phase and test critical areas with computer simulation software.  This advanced quality planning phase is crucial to constructing precision molds to customer specification, and within the established lead time.

The part print will also contain specific information such as the resin used and the surface finish or texture required of the final part.  Any restrictions on knit or parting lines must be identified for proper gating.   It takes an experienced mold designer to implement a successful tool design and construction of a precision mold for injection molded parts with a complex design.

Download our FREE Book on Design Considerations for Different Molds, and contact us today to learn about our discount and rebate programs.  

Michiana Global Mold is an experienced injection mold design and construction company, supplying precision tools to various industries since 1964.  We are an ISO registered mold shop, satisfying the strict requirements of the Automotive industry with high quality complex molds.  Contact us today to speak with one of our knowledgeable engineers for a FREE design consultation.  

Domestic Mold Maker with Offshore Mold Capabilities

Buyers of injection molded components are continuously faced with pricing challenges, they must provide to their customers the absolute lowest cost for injection molded components, and that begins with the cost of the tool.  Investment into the plastic injection mold is often the largest up-front costs injection molders face, and this price can make or break a contract with an OEM seeking the lowest cost world-wide.  

Today’s global economy is far different than two and especially three decades ago, prior to NAFTA and the mass sourcing of manufactured parts to overseas companies.  The cost difference is not as steep as it used to be with offshore companies rising to the occasion, improving their supply chains and quality systems and their overhead along with it.  There are still some attractive cost strategies to be used, however, if you have the right connection and know how to go about sourcing with offshore companies.  

Where to Begin Sourcing an Off-Shore Injection Mold Maker

It can be overwhelming trying to figure out how to get started working with an offshore company, specifically a mold making company in China.  Without proper planning and implementation, the endeavor can end up costing you more than it should.  

You are sourcing overseas to save money that you can pass on to your customers, you surely don’t want to invest more into it that you will get in return.  In many cases, having an overseas source for molds determines whether you get the contract or not.  It is not an option of whether you have a mold maker in China, it is a necessity and the only question is how to go about it.  

Domestic Sourcing Provides Return on Investment

Rather than try to contact a Chinese company directly, or use a broker to help you, working with a domestic mold maker with partnering companies in China gives you quick return on your investment.  With a domestic provider, you do not have to worry about the language barrier, currency conversions, lead times and most importantly – the quality of the tools you are sourcing.  

Michiana Global Mold is a domestic mold making company with a partnership in China, providing full-service overseas injection molds, headache and hassle-free to you.  We take care of everything from the language barrier, quality concerns and lead times, giving you one point of contact in our US location to fully coordinate all aspects of your tool build.  

Both of our mold making facilities in the US and in China are registered to ISO 9001, following a strict quality policy to provide tools to your specification.  We use only North American or German steel, and provide sample parts and all final inspections from our US location.  

We have vast experience with all types of tools including prototypes, insert cavities, three-plate tools, hot-runner tools and shuttle molds.   Download our FREE Guide to Sourcing Your Tools in China, and let Michiana Global Mold provide you with domestic support and offshore pricing.  

Michiana Global Mold is a leader in plastic injection mold making, serving the Automotive and various industries since 1964.  We offer high-quality, precision tooling from our domestic or overseas location, on time and to your specifications.  Contact us today to learn more about our offshore mold making capabilities.  

Full Service Injection Mold Making Tool and Die Shop

For full service tooling and mold making solutions, Michiana Global Mold offers a wide range of mold making and tooling capabilities.   Our niche, and one area of expertise is constructing precision, custom injection molds for complex part production using quality North American or German Steel with modern equipment and technology.  We meet the tight tolerances and fast deadlines of the Automotive industry, and are a valuable part of many other industrial supply chains.  

Our services include much more than building new injection molds, however, and as a full-service Tool and Die Shop we can offer a wide range of comprehensive tooling services.

CNC / EDM and Wire EDM Machining

With the latest in modern equipment, Michiana Global Mold uses four Charmilles CNC EDM Machines, a Charmilles EDM HD20, a full line of Hansvedt EDM centers, and a 3R and Erowa Tooling Package.  Our journeyman mold makers are experienced in the latest CNC EDM and Wire EDM Machinery and Equipment offering efficient tooling services.  


MG Mold has over a dozen Harig grinders alone, in 6 x 12 or 6 x 18 with Grind All attachments, 1 Reid, 2 Boyer, and 2 Proth and 1 Chevalier Hydraulic Surface Grinders.   We can grind any surface area of any product meeting the most demanding of tolerances.  


With more than 30 different Milling centers, we have the capacity to provide full service for even multi-tool programs with quick lead times.  Our full line of milling centers include 1 Hwacheon 20,000 RPM High Speed Mill, 2 Fanuc Robodrill 20,000 RPM, over a dozen Hurco CNC Machining and Milling centers, 11 Bridgeport Milling Machines and various other milling machines fill our large capacity production area.

Sampling and Inspection

Michiana Global Mold will sample your tool in the selected material, providing first shots to your specification prior to tool delivery.   We provide the highest of quality and inspection services

Engineering Changes and Tool Adaptations

For all tooling processes, including Engineering changes and tool adaptations call on your one stop, full service tool and mold shop, Michiana Global Mold.

Michiana Global Mold has been supplying high-performance tight tolerance precision injection molds since 1952!  Contact us today for a  FREE no-obligation design consultation for your next mold making or tooling project.  


How to Source a Professional Mold Builder

What qualities are you evaluating when searching for a mold making company?  How do you qualify a mold builder as a preferred vendor?  You probably have a thorough, detailed and organized method of granting vendor approval, including a Quality audit.  As part of your formal process, some critical standards stand out as critically important over others, those would be:

  • Engineering Capabilities including modern and updated design software such as UniGraphics or Solidworks with 2D print and file sharing options
  • Quality of overall work performed including product quality of steel and components used in addition to high machining quality with modern and automated equipment, checked for accuracy
  • Delivery Performance – on time delivery ratio including capacity limits and premium delivery options

Engineering Capabilities

Not all mold making companies have kept up with the times and invested in the modern technology available to mold makers today.  With computer driven milling centers and workhorse EDM machines humming all day, the modern mold making shop must be well versed in the computer driven equipment.    Equipment today can hold several programs, constantly checking for accuracy while doing the work it is programmed to do.  Creating these programs takes skill and knowledge of the mold making process from an experienced mold design engineer.  

Quality of Overall Work Performed

Sourcing a mold making company that is registered to ISO9001 standards gives you added assurances that the quality of product and service will be to your specification.   ISO9001:2015 standards require measuring performance and implementing continual improvement projects, with quick response time to meet the overall goal – total customer satisfaction.  

Delivery Performance

As part of internal audits with an ISO registered company, delivery performance should have a positive ratio with an explanation for any late deliveries.  Mold making shops that use modern technology and perform advanced quality planning procedures delivery quality tools on time, with critical areas planned ahead.    

Top notch mold making shops like Michiana Global Mold provide all of these services, in addition to sampling and checking parts for accuracy prior to delivery.

Michiana Global Mold can assist you with your demanding supply chain requirements with modern engineering capabilities, registration to ISO9001:2015 providing on-time delivery of quality product.   Contact us today for a FREE design consultation and to learn more about our multi-tool discount program.