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When Do You Need a Hot Runner Mold?


Avoid Costly Runners

A hot runner mold is desirable in situations where you would have a large runner that would go to waste, thus raising the cost with excess material.  While the cost of a hot runner tool may be more than a standard cold runner mold, an economic analysis may reveal that the cost savings could pay for itself in a reasonable amount of time.  This would be especially true if the material is a costly specialty raw resin.  

Improve Geometrical Tolerances

In a hot runner mold, the material is injected directly into the cavity through a nozzle, rather than flow through the runner system.  This is done with more pressure than a cold runner tool, and can improve filling and packing into critical dimensional areas.   The pressure utilized in a hot runner tool can improve consistency in the molding process, thus improving the quality of the parts.

Improve Cycle Time

Due to the increased pressure, a hot runner tool may bring an improvement in cycle times.  All plastic processors know the value of an improved cycle time as increased efficiency equates to increased profits.   When applied to a multi-cavity tool on a high-volume project, the savings in cycle time alone could be quite significant, not to mention improving lead times with production parts.   The volume of production required from the tool is a big consideration when weighing the benefits of a hot runner tool versus a cold runner tool.

Flexible Gate Location

A hot runner tool allows for flexibility with the gate location, which can be placed in the most desirable area for consistent filling and packing.  In parts with high visibility, gate location is important to the aesthetics as well as function of the molded product.

There are two different types of gating mechanisms for hot runner tools, a thermal gate or hot-tip gating system, or a valve gate.  With a thermal gate the nozzle hardens at the tip, allowing the parts to disconnect from the nozzle prior to ejecting.

In a valve gating system, a valve slides over the nozzle tip prior to ejecting, assisting with ejection if the material does not solidify completely in the tip.  

Michiana Global Mold has knowledge and experience designing and manufacturing precision hot runner tools for customers demanding a high level of quality.  Contact Michiana Global Mold today for a free cost analysis of your next mold building project.  

Experienced Brass Forging Die Maker


Brass and copper forgings are used in several industries, providing parts with consistently accurate dimensions with high density.  Many industries such as plumbing, marine, transportation, automotive, aerospace, medical, lawn and garden, heating and cooling, and architectural utilize brass and copper forged parts for various applications, providing long lasting durable strength.  

As a forging company supplying these specialized industries, you need a Brass Forging Die Maker that you can rely upon.  At Michiana Global Mold, we are a full-service machine shop and currently produce several brass forging dies to specification, and in a timely manner.

We have the expertise required to construct forging dies to meet your specific tolerances, including tight precision tolerances required for critical applications.   We can construct forging dies with heat treated polished finished, ready for single or multiple part runs.

If your part design changes, we can perform engineering changes to alter a part slightly, perhaps on one side that would require engineering changes to one half of the mold.  Our CNC machinery is top of the line and utilizes the latest technological advancements, giving us the ability to produce your dies in a very cost effective manner, providing the best value for your investment.

We can take your design, or assist you with creating the design required for your purposes with reverse engineering.  Our highly skilled staff includes veteran mold designers and engineers with decades of experience constructing forging dies and injection molds.  We utilize the latest in technological advancements, CAD/CAM Software with integrated programming at our milling centers.  

Our forging dies are inspected per our own strict quality policy.  As an ISO9001:2015 Registered Mold and Machine Shop, we will provide you with quality molds, to your specification and on time.  

Our experience coupled with our highly skilled staff ensures that you receive the best value for your investment.  Contact Michiana Global Mold today for top quality brass and copper forging dies, from an experience mold supplier.  

Precision Custom Mold Makers


The first step to molding custom precision plastic parts is beginning with a quality precision mold.  A precision mold maker has experience crafting a mold based on the blueprint of the desired molded part.  

At Michiana Global Mold, our extensive experience gives us a great advantage over other mold shops as we have the expertise and the equipment to design even the most complicated of molds, producing your desired part to print specifications.  We have over 500 years of combined experience with just our moldmakers and design engineers!  Our extensive knowledge provides added value to your supply chain, giving you a speedy return on your investment.  

Precision custom mold makers differ from other mold shops in that we understand the importance of tight tolerances within +/- .001, thinner than the width of a human hair.  We utilize the latest in technology with our CAD/CAM software integrated with our machinery and equipment.  We provide an extensive evaluation of the desired part, creating intricate tool designs involving cams and lifters when required, or even custom ejection plates.

We can construct a prototype mold for initial sample parts, and we can even sample them for you, assuring you of correct and accurate dimensions.  We conduct Advanced Product Quality and Planning (APQP) to alert of critical dimensions, prior to cutting steel.  We have the capabilities to produce any variation of the mold that you may require, including:

  • Standard Mold
  • Hot-Runner Mold
  • Hot-to-Cold Mold
  • Shutter Mold (also referred to as an Insert mold for the over-molding process)
  • Three-Plate Molds
  • Prototype Molds

Contact Michiana Global mold today and speak with one of our expert engineers to learn how we can assist you with your injection mold making requirements.  We can handle multi-tool requirements and save you a considerable amount of money with discounts and rebates. Michiana Global Mold has the expertise, experience and equipment to meet your demands for custom precision molded products, within specification and on time.  

Top 5 Benefits of ISO Certification


An Overview of the Benefits of ISO9001

 There are many benefits of ISO certification, a globally recognized and accepted set of quality standards applicable to companies in various industries.   Conforming to ISO9001:2015 provides many benefits to manufacturers in all industries including plastic and steel production for automotive, consumer electronics and military and defense.

Businesses that provide design work such as injection mold makers have additional standards and responsibility to their customers, and the supply chain to which they contribute.  Producing quality product, on time, and within customer specifications is key to providing exemplary customer service.   ISO standards prompt companies to detail and audit all systems in their business, implementing corrective actions when those processes are not meeting their goals, applied to all processes, not just manufacturing.

Conforming to ISO standards also means that you have a written plan, detailing needed resources and expected goals for all business processes including business strategy and planning, sales and marketing, production, quality, and customer service.  ISO 9001:2015 puts added emphasis on risk management and leadership engagement, all necessary components of successful, globally competitive businesses.

Here are the Top 5 Benefits of ISO Certification

  1. All Processes are Identified, and Audited for Effectiveness

Processes includes the required resources needed to attain a specified goal.  Each process has an owner, a person responsible for successfully attaining specified goals.   The process owner determines the best way to measure the effectiveness of a process, and implements corrective actions when necessary.

  1. Contributes to Goal-Oriented Teamwork

Process owners must utilize human capital as a resource, creating one goal-oriented team.  Each team member should be aware of the company’s quality policy, and know how their role in the organization contributes to the overall business goals.

  1. Improved Efficiency Produces Improved Profits

Improving efficiency always equates to an improved bottom line.  Time is money, and continual improvement projects like Value Stream Mapping can improve efficiencies and profits for any business process.

  1. Utilizes Plan-Do-Check-Act (PDCA) business improvement process.  
  • Plan – Establish your objectives and a plan to achieve them
  • Do – Execute your plan with a structured framework
  • Check – Audit results against your objectives
  • Act – Make corrections and improvements.

The PDCA system Can be applied to any process and is utilized throughout the entire ISO process.

  1. ISO Certification Focuses on One End Result – Total Customer Satisfaction

Conformance to each and every standard ultimately leads back to total customer satisfaction.  Why does a business do what they do?  Customer Satisfaction is required for any business to survive, let alone thrive and grow.  With focus always on customer satisfaction, one of the major benefits of ISO Certification is that the business has the framework to keep current customers delighted and grow with referrals by providing continued exceptional customer service.

Michiana Global Mold is Registered to ISO 9001:2015, implementing our Quality Policy throughout the organization with top down management involvement.  We have been top-quality, custom precision injection mold makers for over 52 years.  Contact us today to see how we can assist you with your injection mold building needs.  


Finding a Chinese Injection Mold Provider Consideration List


Searching for a China injection mold provider can be incredibly difficult and time consuming. There are plenty of blogs and articles that cover different aspects of what you need to consider, but you”ll need a list. This ensures that you look at all of your potential China injection mold source options and the range of questions you need to ask.

Remember, the cost is not your only consideration. Things like shipping time, communication, and QA process play very important roles in determining if a particular China injection mold provider is cost effective.

Your Sourcing Options

You have three options for finding a provider in China:

  • Direct Chinese source
  • Broker who recommend and negotiates with a Chinese source on your behalf
  • Domestic provider with a Chinese partner

Initially, this list appears to reflect the cost in ascending order. A direct source will often appear to be the most cost effective source and a domestic partner will appear to be the least cost effective.

However, when you take the following considerations into account, you will see the initial cost for the domestic provider has some distinct advantages, including easier negotiations, design time, and predictable delivery times.

Considerations and Questions

When you talk to each of your potential sourcing options, the following considerations and questions will help you determine if the source is likely to meet your needs.


This is one of the biggest potential issues, particularly during the design phase. You need to be able to talk to the people who are responsible for the designs. There are several potential communication issues to consider:

  • Time zones can pose a problem if you work directly with someone in China
  • Designs can be more difficult to finalize when you cannot speak directly to one of the professionals working on the design
  • Shipping times may be off because of holidays, so you need to know the production schedule for the entire time your product is being processed


Planning is one of the most important aspects as it sets the tone for the entire project. Here are the things to consider for the planning phase:

  • Materials
  • Design time
  • Production time frame

Quality Assurance and Shipping

Make sure that you discuss your QA needs and shipping expectations. If you are working on a tight deadline, you need to make sure that the product is high quality and can be turned around quickly.

The Right Choice for Chinese Injection Mold Makers – Domestic Versus Offshore

Simulation Importance

Finding the right China plastic injection molding provider is a difficult decision. With a number of different considerations to make, you want to get it right the first time. You will also need to be prepared to negotiate.


Research is essential to avoid making the wrong decision, which can cost you not only money but a lot of time, and potentially customers. There are three sourcing options:

  • Direct sourcing
  • Broker sourcing
  • Domestic sourcing

Each of these options has their own appeal. To help you determine which is right for you, consider the following three points:

Finding the Right Material

The material used for the China plastic injection molding is one of the most important aspects because it determines the durability of your final product. If you do not specify what materials you want used at the beginning, you may end up with a product that does not meet your expectations.

Materials Originating in China

Many Chinese mold makers have their own material providers. This means without specifying the type of material, you are almost guaranteed to have a final product made that uses steel produced in China.

The Chinese regulations and standards are typically lower than steels made in Europe and North America. As a result, your final product may wear down faster, be more fragile, and require more frequent replacements.

Materials Originating in Europe

This is easily the most cost effective material. European standards are comparable to the standards of North America, but the product has a much shorter distance to travel.


Mold testing often requires the use of a representative to conduct a review at the facility to check the functionality and quality of the product. If you have tune-ins built into the contract, you will have a better product by the time you send your representative to conduct the review.

Lead Times

The shipping lead times are important because the different sourcing options handle shipping differently. Having excessively long lead times could end up negating cost savings. The following are important to know before you sign anything:

  • Time zone difference for communicating and shipping
  • Chinese holidays
  • The receipt of sample shots from T-0
  • Import duties

You need to know how each of these are handled so that you can plan accordingly.

Choose the Right China Injection Mold Supplier

Right Injection mold company

Finding the right China injection molding supplier can be a very time consuming endeavor. You have three different channels to consider:

  • Find a direct Chinese mold maker
  • Hire a broker
  • Work with a domestic provider

Each option has its own advantages and disadvantages.

Direct Chinese Mold Maker

Initially, this will seem like the most cost effective method of getting a reliable China injection molding supplier. You won’t have to pay for a middleman, substantially reducing the initial cost.

However, it can end up being the most costly. The biggest issues are the language barrier and additional QA efforts. It will be much more difficult to negotiate if you do not have a native speaker who can work with the supplier. While they will surely have an English speaker, you will need someone who speaks their language as well. This can be very costly. You will also need to manage more of the QA to ensure the product meets your needs.

China Injection Molding Broker

The issues you could encounter with a direct provider can be largely avoided by using a broker. It will also look a bit more expensive up front. This is because they have established connections to help you find the right provider, as well as managing the monetary conversions.

Do keep in mind that they are only brokers. You will not be able to discuss specifics with them, only the people at the companies they recommend. This can also create lag time in getting your questions answered.

Domestic Providers

Domestic providers will appear to be the least cost effective China injection molding provider, but ultimately, they can save you a lot of time. Not only will you avoid having to research companies, they have the necessary experts to answer your questions. This substantially speeds up the design and development process, reducing the amount of time required to complete the project. They also manage the QA aspects, so that you can focus on other projects.

Initially, they are the most expensive option. However, cost is the only major drawback, and it usually ends up being far less costly than it appears at first. Because you save time and have the necessary experts to answer your questions, the final cost for domestic providers is a lot more competitive than you may initially believe.