Advantages of Prototype Injection Molds

Constructing a prototype injection mold has many advantages to a successful launch of an injection molding program.  Prototype tools give a molder a chance to try out a new design, prior to investing in a large multi-cavity full size injection mold.  Some prototype tools are even constructed with just a prototype cavity, allowing for additional cavities to be developed later after perfection of the prototype.  

Prototype tools are advantageous when using a new thermoplastic resin that the molder may not be familiar with.  A prototype gives the advantage of learning how a new material will melt, flow and fill critical dimensional areas.

A prototype also gives a molder a chance to try out a new design for a part that may have to fit into another larger assembly.  Constructing a prototype tool will give the molder a chance to produce a prototype part to test out functionality, either in larger assemblies or even on an automated assembly line.  

Constructing a prototype tool is a very inexpensive way to test out new parts without an initial major outlay of cash.   Prototype tools are typically constructed with less expensive material than a production tools, therefore are not made to stand up to high volume production but rather a few short production lots for sample testing.  

While production tools must be constructed with hardened steel, a prototype can be made of P20 or non-hardened steel, or even aluminum, as this is adequate to produce sample parts for testing purposes.  Prototypes are used in many industries where an initial small investment into a mold for testing purposes is well worth it prior to constructing a high-volume production mold.  

Michiana Global Mold has vast experience assisting engineers and designers to achieve their dimensional goals with design assistance and Prototype Mold Construction.  Contact us today for a FREE design consultation and to see how we can assist you with your project development goals.  


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