The Importance of Mold Maintenance

A preventive mold maintenance program is a big part of the mold manufacturing process.  Right in line with the motto from MoldMaking Technology which is engineer, build and then maintain.  Some TLC can go a long way to prevent molding dilemmas.  


When using cleaning solvents on a mold, care must be taken to know how the chemical will react with heat.  Some cleaning solvents will react differently at different temperatures, and heat will either help or hurt the situation.   


Some cleaners are used to primarily dissolve grease, oil sometimes rust.  A mold polishing compound can be used when polishing the tool is necessary, and some cleaners are used to remove mold release build up even while the mold is still hot in the press.  


Mold makers are well familiar with the benefits of polishing and maintaining a tool.  It takes a quality tool to mold a quality part.  The proper method for cleaning the mold can determine the quality of the part. A consistent preventive maintenance program including a thorough mold cleaning is necessary in high-volume production jobs.  


Preventive Mold Maintenance Program


A preventive mold maintenance program is utilized by molders to maintain consistent, quality molded product during injection molding production.  This is often achieved with a process monitoring system keeping track of cycle counts.  Certain job may require a preventive mold cleaning at particular intervals depending on the material used, and the molding environment.


Upon reaching a set number of cycles, the molding job can be stopped and the mold pulled for routine maintenance.  Be sure to use the right type of mold cleaner for your environment.


Michiana Global mold is an experienced precision injection mold maker, with skilled journeymen mold makers well familiar with the best practices for mold maintenance.


Michiana Global Mold has vast experience with engineering, constructing, and maintaining the highest of quality injection molds.  Contact us today for a free cost estimate of your next injection mold making project.  



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