Experienced Brass Forging Die Maker


Brass and copper forgings are used in several industries, providing parts with consistently accurate dimensions with high density.  Many industries such as plumbing, marine, transportation, automotive, aerospace, medical, lawn and garden, heating and cooling, and architectural utilize brass and copper forged parts for various applications, providing long lasting durable strength.  

As a forging company supplying these specialized industries, you need a Brass Forging Die Maker that you can rely upon.  At Michiana Global Mold, we are a full-service machine shop and currently produce several brass forging dies to specification, and in a timely manner.

We have the expertise required to construct forging dies to meet your specific tolerances, including tight precision tolerances required for critical applications.   We can construct forging dies with heat treated polished finished, ready for single or multiple part runs.

If your part design changes, we can perform engineering changes to alter a part slightly, perhaps on one side that would require engineering changes to one half of the mold.  Our CNC machinery is top of the line and utilizes the latest technological advancements, giving us the ability to produce your dies in a very cost effective manner, providing the best value for your investment.

We can take your design, or assist you with creating the design required for your purposes with reverse engineering.  Our highly skilled staff includes veteran mold designers and engineers with decades of experience constructing forging dies and injection molds.  We utilize the latest in technological advancements, CAD/CAM Software with integrated programming at our milling centers.  

Our forging dies are inspected per our own strict quality policy.  As an ISO9001:2015 Registered Mold and Machine Shop, we will provide you with quality molds, to your specification and on time.  

Our experience coupled with our highly skilled staff ensures that you receive the best value for your investment.  Contact Michiana Global Mold today for top quality brass and copper forging dies, from an experience mold supplier.  


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