Globally Sourced Injection Molds with Domestic Support


Are you looking for an injection mold supplier that can provide globally sourced injection molds, at a competitive price, and still provide domestic support?  Look no further!  Michiana Global Mold is located in the heart of the Midwest, employing skilled journeyman moldmakers and technical design engineers providing quality precision tools since 1952.

We also have a facility in China, Modular Mold, offering full service injection mold design and construction.  Modular Mold in China is ISO Registered, as well as our domestic location in Indiana.  With Modular Mold in our China location, we have the ability to provide you with fully finished or semi-finished molds, with the same technical expertise, attention to detail and precision that you will find from our location in the United States.  

When you need overseas pricing on injection molds, with domestic service and support, you need a supplier like Michiana Global Mold.  We manage your project from our Indiana location, providing you with one main point of contact to assist you the entire way throughout the scope of your project.  All tools are inspected and tested for 100% accurate precision dimensions and conformance to your requirements, prior to shipment.

Modular Mold is over 40,000 square feet, with capabilities to produce molds to accommodate presses up to 3,000 tons.  By following our quality policy and adhering to all requirements of ISO9001:2008, we focus on quality, precision, and lead times.  

If you need a quality constructed tool with tight geometric tolerances used for precision injection molding applications, you need to call on Michiana Global Mold!  We are your one stop shop for quality injection molds whether you need domestic or overseas suppliers, we provide top notch customer support.  You will never experience problems due to a language barrier as we handle all communication and make regular visits to our China location.

Let us show you how you can save up to 40% on your injection molded products by using our experience and resources for your next injection mold construction needs. For more information on our China location, see our recent blog “Domestic Service with Benefits of Mold Makers in China”.

Michiana Global Mold is a supplier of superior quality plastic injection molds for various industries including automotive, medical, consumer electronics, and defense for over 50 years.   We maintain high customer satisfaction through continual product and process improvement at both our United States and China locations.   


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