The Right Choice for Chinese Injection Mold Makers – Domestic Versus Offshore

Simulation Importance

Finding the right China plastic injection molding provider is a difficult decision. With a number of different considerations to make, you want to get it right the first time. You will also need to be prepared to negotiate.


Research is essential to avoid making the wrong decision, which can cost you not only money but a lot of time, and potentially customers. There are three sourcing options:

  • Direct sourcing
  • Broker sourcing
  • Domestic sourcing

Each of these options has their own appeal. To help you determine which is right for you, consider the following three points:

Finding the Right Material

The material used for the China plastic injection molding is one of the most important aspects because it determines the durability of your final product. If you do not specify what materials you want used at the beginning, you may end up with a product that does not meet your expectations.

Materials Originating in China

Many Chinese mold makers have their own material providers. This means without specifying the type of material, you are almost guaranteed to have a final product made that uses steel produced in China.

The Chinese regulations and standards are typically lower than steels made in Europe and North America. As a result, your final product may wear down faster, be more fragile, and require more frequent replacements.

Materials Originating in Europe

This is easily the most cost effective material. European standards are comparable to the standards of North America, but the product has a much shorter distance to travel.


Mold testing often requires the use of a representative to conduct a review at the facility to check the functionality and quality of the product. If you have tune-ins built into the contract, you will have a better product by the time you send your representative to conduct the review.

Lead Times

The shipping lead times are important because the different sourcing options handle shipping differently. Having excessively long lead times could end up negating cost savings. The following are important to know before you sign anything:

  • Time zone difference for communicating and shipping
  • Chinese holidays
  • The receipt of sample shots from T-0
  • Import duties

You need to know how each of these are handled so that you can plan accordingly.


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