Injection Mold Types: Production Molds


As their name suggests, production molds are used in the final stages by the injection mold makers. Unlike prototype molds, production molds are meant to be used repeatedly for long periods of time, so they must be durable and able to handle harsher conditions. Since it is the final stage of the process, the end product is meant to meet all of the project requirements and specifications.

Custom mold makers will skip the prototype mold if customers request that a project only goes through to production instead of working with a prototype. While the prototype can save money, it can also require more time as the production of the first few parts is meant to be a test run. Custom injection molds that go straight into production molds are given a much longer duration for the design process to ensure the first product is nearly perfect.

Production molds are not meant to be modified or changed. If the first product is too far off of the necessary requirements, you may need to start from the beginning. However, without the additional time for modifications, these injection molds can actually save time as long as the design process goes smoothly.

If you want to avoid using prototype molds, you need to find expert injection mold makers. New companies do not have the knowledge or experience required to create a final product that is nearly perfect on the first round. A number of things can go wrong and many considerations can be missed in the design stages. These are problems that expert injection mold makers have already encountered and learned to fix before moving to the production mold. In the event that there is a problem with the production mold, the experts can make modifications to avoid starting over again.


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