Injection Mold Types: Stack molds


As their name suggests, stack molds include several molds attached to the machine so that multiple levels (or faces) can be produced at one time. Even if only two final products are made at a time, it will reduce the amount of time required to produce the same number of products nearly in half. This particular mold system can also be used to make assemblies with multiple components and a series of parts within a single family.


Components and Process

The machine must be set up with the stack molds all connected to the injection area. These molds almost always use the hot runner process. You can set them up to create between two and four molds at a time, although the more molds stacked, the more floor space needed for production .


Things to Consider

Consider these points :

  • While it may take longer to set up these unique molds, it is not necessarily more difficult.
  • The primary difference between setting up the stack molds versus traditional molds is that more side gear mechanisms are required. However, the steps to complete the setup are nearly identical.

Maintenance will take a bit longer because there are more areas to monitor. Like the setup, however, it doesn’t require many extra steps to keep the molds working properly. The steps to be remembered are:

  • Ensure surfaces are clean, including being residue free.
  • Ensure the stripper inserts are clean.
  • Know and identify the relevant areas and ensure they are checked off during the maintenance process.

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