Injection Mold Types: Collapsible core molds

The purpose of collapsible core molds is to work with various types of threads so that the parts can be easily ejected. They also come in a variety of types, such as dovetails and spring-loaded designs. As these molds have undercuts, it does take time to get the optimal design. However, when done right, collapsible core molds offer more capabilities to work with undercut molding and to hold parts together.


Overview of the Process

Unlike most other molds, when producing collapsible core molds, the mold is made to collapse radially inward, reducing the amount of time required to produce it. It is estimated that this method reduces the production time by 30% as it does not require secondary operations or additional coring once completed.


Unique Challenges

With its special design and use, this particular type of mold offers challenges not encountered with other mold types. Because it is meant to be used without requiring lubrication, wear and tear can occur faster, which means you will have to determine how often they need to be replaced. The technology is changing quickly, so you will also want to consider regular reviews to redesign your molds to keep them as efficient as possible.


Dovetail Design

There are several design types, but the newest is the dovetail. It is the easiest and quickest type of core to produce and has the largest range of uses. Their durability and strength have made them a popular choice to lock parts together.



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